Issue Link Matrix Gadget

Source code:

This page is served as documentation for JIRA plugin : Issue Link Matrix Gadget

The purpose of this plugin is to provide a more detailed and elegant view for the following issue link structure :


As an example , this structure uses default JIRA issue type : Feature Request, Task, and Sub-task.

Each Feature Request depends on multiple Tasks, such as Code Development, Test Development, Regression Monitoring tasks. These tasks are package level ( or parent level) tasks which will have sub-tasks to perform more detailed implementations steps for each parent task (development cycle, or a sprint).

By using issue navigator , all the linked issues are grouped to a field “Links”:


Which is hard to monitor.

The gadget will display the above structure as a Matrix, with user input filter, specified issue link type, and headers (JIRA Issue Fields) :


Additionally, users can also specify conditions, which will be used to color the applicable matrix cells. Clicking on the matrix cell will also give user more detailed report depends on the condition user chose.




Usage Examples :

Regression Monitoring

User can use link type : depends on, and link type condition : All linked issue of type must be resolved, to monitor regression failure on features.
if the linked issue ( which monitors the regression ) is reopened by CI tool, then you can directly see the matrix cell turning red on your dashboard.

Test Coverage Reporting

User can use link type : tested by, and link type condition : Only check link type, to monitor test coverage on features..
if user’s input filter is for certain release, you can easily see the test coverage for the release. Users can click on matrix cells to find the reusable tests to execute or link them to other features.


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